Welcome to Pulkovo airport
Start your journey well at our airport! Find out in advance how long it will take for check-in, screening and other formalities at the airport in order to arrive on time.
Pass the security check
About 5 minutes
To pass the entrance security control, place your baggage on the belt of equipment for screening.

Put all metal items, keys, mobile phone, liquid containers from your pockets into the container.

Put the container on the belt.

Pass through the security screening.
Pack your luggage
About 2 minutes
Before packing your suitcase, please make sure that it does not contain any prohibited items in carry-on or checked baggage. These include, for example: shock devices, toxic, flammable substances, liquefied gases, etc.

Packing your luggage at Pulkovo Airport you receive insurance for your luggage (in special cases).
Pass customs and border control
For passengers on international flights
Pass security check
For passengers on domestic and international flights
About 5 minutes
To go through the pre-flight inspection, take off your outer clothing, put your phone and metal objects in a container. Make sure you don't carry more than 100 ml of liquid in your hand luggage.

Inspection is carried out both with the help of technical means and manually.

If you have a pacemaker or other medical condition, please let the officer know before going through security.
Spend time in a cafe
Make purchases
About 10 minutes
Duty Free St. Petersburg, YOUPiter, Souvenirs, Museum Shop, Shop of Happiness – at the airport you can find a wide range of travel goods and gifts for relatives and friends: from souvenirs and sweets to cosmetics and perfumes.
View all stores
Relax in the business lounge
About 2 hours
Before departure, you can spend time in comfortable lounges. Business lounges are available for domestic and international passengers.

  • food and drinks
  • press
  • Wi-Fi and TV
  • meeting rooms
  • shower rooms
  • wardrobe
  • cozy children's room
Boarding the plane
Ends 20-30 minutes before departure
Boarding the aircraft is carried out through a boarding bridge or bus.

You need to follow the registration deadline on the online scoreboard. It is important not to be late for the gate, because you may not be allowed on the plane (even if plane has not left).